It is a common misconception that wills are only for the elderly, and a quick look at the news – with all the accidents, natural disasters, and murders – should be enough to motivate anyone to make provisions for their loved ones in the event of their sudden and unexpected passing. If you are of working age and have yet to make a Last Will & Testament, here are just a few things to consider.

  • Rules of Intestacy – These are a set of century old British laws that govern the distribution of a deceased person’s estate- who did not leave a will – and in many cases, the people the deceased person would want to inherit, actually do not, as these laws are very rigid in their application. Are you prepared to put your partner at risk of being left with nothing? By writing a will, you can give very specific instructions on how your estate should be divided, and that makes probate a very quick process, and the beneficiaries are not financially burdened in any way. If you search online for wills and probate solicitors, you will have a list of local law firms that specialise in this field of law.
  • Avoid Family Conflict – While no one wants to think about life after they pass away, the reality is, unless you specifically state in writing what you would like to happen to your estate, then family members might not agree with the probate court’s decision, and that could put them into conflict with each other. It is difficult enough to maintain one’s grief when a loved one passes, and contesting a will with family members is very stressful at the best of times. Whereas, by writing a will, you can be sure that your family will receive what you what you wish them to.
  • Supporting your Children – As we all know, without a good education, it’s difficult to forge a decent career, and you can make provisions in your will for your children’s education. It is also possible to set up a Trust, which further benefits the children, and if you would like to know more about the benefits of making a will, there are online law firms that are happy to advise – and help you to create a Last Will & Testament – something that will ensure a secure future for the children.
  • Peace of Mind – No matter your lifestyle, there will be times when you think about how your family would survive without you, and writing a will gives you peace of mind, knowing that in the event of your sudden passing, they will be financially secure.
  • Special Friends – We all have at least one friend who we bond with, and it might be your vintage car, or your fishing tackle that he always admires, and by including this in your will, that special person will really appreciate the gesture and would get so much pleasure from this.

Even if you are still in your twenties, making a will is a wise move, as we never know what the future brings, and without that legally binding document, your estate might not go the people who deserve it. An online search will put you in touch with a wills & probate lawyer, and they can help you to draft your last wishes ands secure your loved ones’ future.