Losing a loved one is difficult enough without having to be concerned about the validity of the will they’ve left behind. However, if you find yourself doubting the will in any way and question the practices that occurred when obtaining it, you have every right to contest the will. If this happens, you definitely want to work with a strong legal team who will back you up in every way possible. There are several valid reasons why you may be able to contest a will, and here are some of those ways for you to think about today.

Mental Capacity

If your loved one made their will at the last moment, and their mental state was questionable at the time, then you have every right to bring that to the attention of those in charge of its execution. If you doubt how stable your loved one may have been whilst creating their will, make sure you find a professional legal team who will represent you quickly, because the faster you make a claim against probate, the more likely you are to be successful.

The Deceased Was Not Aware

Sometimes, family members or other parties will attempt to create a will on behalf of a loved one, who will then just sign the will and that’s that. If you suspect that this may have occurred, and that your loved one didn’t actually see every single part of the will, make sure you contest the will immediately. It’s important for you to keep in mind that while these documents are extremely important, there is actually very little regulations regarding their creation, so you’re in for a long fight.

The Will was Prepared Incorrectly

If you plan on contesting a will in Carlisle, it’s important that you know the following information. First, the will must be in writing and signed by the testator, and there must be a minimum of two witnesses who can vouch for the signature. If this criteria is not met, then you can guarantee the will will be declared invalid.

The Deceased Made You a Promise

If your loved one made a promise to you that they knew would benefit you upon their death, but they did not take the proper steps to include it in the will, you may still be able to contest and finally get what you were offered. Whether this was the promise of money, land, or any type of property, while it may be incredibly difficult to prove, you still have the chance to do so and get what you’re owed.

Dealing with a loved one is hard enough. Dealing with their loss and the inaccuracy of their will is absolutely unbearable. Make sure you find an expert legal team that can help you contest the will and stop the probate courts from continuing with the distribution of the estate.